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The old School House was built around 1901 in its present location.  Many of the current residents of the Jefferson Area attended school in that building.   During its operation as Colorado School District 18, it was divided into two areas by a curtain.   Over the years some modifications have been made to the building to enable its continued use by the community.     It is also used as a meeting hall for other community organizations.   In 2003 the School House was added to the Park County Historical Preservation registry enabling the Association to preserve the historical nature of this building.   The Jefferson Community Civic Association has received grants and raised funds that allowed replacement of the deteriorating roof and repair of the windows.

The Community Building was originally built as a gymnasium for the school around 1936.   It apparently was also used as a skating rink in the 1940's.   Dances were a big attraction in its past history.   The Association was able to get a grant in the mid 1990's to restore much of the building and to add the kitchen and "indoor" bathrooms.  The building was used for basketball games.   It is the intention of the Jefferson Community Civic Association to preserve the historical significance of the building. There are historical artifacts on display in the building. 











The Jefferson Community Civic Association Buildings are located on Main Street, one block off Highway 285 in Jefferson, Colorado.

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